Black History Month: African American Scientist Timeline Activity


Students research and create a Black scientists timeline!

Grades 7 and Up


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Everything you need is included for students to create an African American Achievements in Science timeline or bulletin board. A variety of scientists are included with dates ranging from 1792 through today. Scientists represent a range of fields, including medicine, biology, physics, Earth, space, and chemistry.

***UPDATED for 2023! Now there are 25 scientists!***

Two versions are provided – Version One requires students to research 25 scientists (names and important dates given) and Version Two gives them 25 pre-made biography cards. The only supplies necessary are copier paper, glue and colored pencils.

Here’s the Process for Students:

  • Tape or glue together the provided timeline templates (5 – 8.5″x11″ sheets)
  • Color code the 25 biography boxes according to field of science
  • Attach biography boxes to the timeline
  • Enter the dates
  • Add pictures (provided) to each of the entries

What’s Included:

  • 25 Biography boxes for students to complete (for Version One)
  • 25 Pre-made scientist biography boxes (for Version Two)
  • 25 Scientist pictures
  • Printable timeline templates
  • Student instructions
  • Teacher instructions

Teacher Notes:

  • This project works well when assigned as a paired project.
  • As printed (several 8.5″x11″ pages), this timeline is more than 1 meter long, so it also makes a great Black History Month bulletin board.
  • NO COLOR PRINTING IS REQUIRED! The pictures look better in color but will print fine in black and white. The information boxes are colored by students with colored pencils.
  • Please note: This resource is NOT editable.
  • Check out more resources in the representation in science section of our shop!


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