Waves, Sound, and Light Quiz and Test Bundle


all the assessments you need for the waves-based NGSS standards MS-PS4-1, MS-PS4-2, and MS-PS4-3.

Grades 7 and Up

Includes 4 quizzes and 1 test.

Assessments Included:

1. Waves Quiz

  • Waves (mechanical versus electromagnetic)
  • Parts of a wave (crest, trough, amplitude, wavelength)
  • Why different waves would have different amounts of energy
  • 10 Questions

2. Light Quiz

  • Light waves
  • Refraction/reflection/absorption
  • Basics of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Colors in visible light
  • 10 Questions

3. Sound Waves Quiz

  • Mediums that sound waves may pass through (solids, liquids, and gases)
  • Sound waves travel fastest in solids
  • A sound’s loudness is associated with the amplitude of its wave
  • A sound’s pitch is associated with the frequency of its wave
  • 10 Questions

4. Analog vs. Digital Waves Quiz

  • Overview of the difference between analog and digital signals
  • Common systems that use each type of signal
  • Why digital signals are considered more reliable
  • 12 Questions

5. Waves, Sound, & Light Exam

  • Waves and parts of a wave
  • Light (refraction vs. reflection)
  • Basics of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Sound
  • Digital versus analog signals
  • 30 Multiple Choice and 2 Open Response

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