Synthetic Materials from Natural Resources Article and Worksheet


Learn how natural oil is transformed into synthetic materials.

Grades 6 – 8

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Use a REAL LIFE EXAMPLE of how the natural material CRUDE OIL is used to make products we use every day.


This activity has 2 parts:

  • BRIEF READING: Students read a handout that describes the process by which crude oil is separated based on the individual boiling points of its components. Students learn how materials such as kerosene, gasoline, and lubrication oils are separated in a fractionating column based solely on their boiling point.
  • WORKSHEET: Students answer text-dependent review questions.


  • Utah SEEd 8.1.4
  • NGSS MS-PS1-3
  • Oklahoma OAS 7.PS1.3
  • TEKS SCI.6.7.A

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