Plate Movement and Continental Drift Activity


Fun activity for a plate tectonics unit!

Grades 6-8

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Fun addition to a NGSS middle school plate tectonics & Earth’s history unit! There are only 10 boxes to cut, so it doesn’t make a big book, but kids clearly see the progression of the continents over time. Great supplemental activity when teaching seafloor spreading, continental drift, plate tectonics, etc.!

In this activity students will:

  • Color and cut out the provided “flip book” picture boxes.
  • Staple the picture boxes to create a “flip book” type project that shows plate movement over millions of years.

Please understand that this continental drift activity doesn’t make a perfect flip book like you might buy in a store, but it’s FUN and the kids get the idea of continental drift. It works better on card stock, but in our classes, we use regular copy paper and find the kids still have a lot of fun with it. Please note: This resource is NOT editable.


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