Natural Selection Quiz


Covers the basic principles of natural selection.

Grades 7 and Up

This is a straightforward 10-question natural selection quiz on the following topics:

  • Overproduction
  • Competition
  • Selection
  • Variation
  • Speciation

Students are given a word bank with the various aspects of natural selection (selection, overproduction, competition, variation, speciation) and then are given some examples of these things in nature. They must match the example to the aspect of natural selection that it best fits. For instance, students must know that “some young deer have more spots on their body than others” demonstrates an example of variation. And, “oak trees produce hundreds of acorns” is an example of overproduction.

There are two versions of the quiz provided. The quizzes have the same questions and the same answer options, but the answer order is different. Wandering eyes will see a quiz that looks like their own, but has different correct answers.

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