Natural Selection Activity: Genetic Diversity Article and Worksheet


Includes PRINT and GOOGLE versions!

Grades 7 and Up


Perfect reading to introduce natural selection (NGSS MS-LS4-4) and effective for sexual reproduction units (NGSS MS-LS3-2).

This resource includes:

  • 2-page article about variation within species
  • 10-question analysis section

The analysis includes:

  • How variations within a species help the species as a whole survive
  • Students generating their own examples of variation within a species
  • Complete of a short claims/evidence/reasoning section related to genetic variation

Class discussion should focus on how every species has variation within individuals, and this helps the population as a whole when there are changes or pressures within the environment.

This reading is targeted for a middle school level student and aims to simplify the idea that even organisms that look alike are actually genetically different. Many teachers find this a difficult concept for middle-schoolers, so we brought the ideas of diversity within a species and the importance of genetic diversity down to a basic understanding in this reading.

Teacher Notes:

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