Natural Resources versus Synthetic Materials: WebQuest Activity


Help students understand the IMPACT ON SOCIETY that various materials have had.

Grades 7 and Up


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This WEBQUEST introduces students to natural versus synthetic materials, how they are used in products, and the advantages and disadvantages of both.


This web activity is not based on any particular website, rather students use Google to find the specifically requested information. Therefore, it is best suited to classes that can independently find information online and pull information from text.

Webquest Part One:

  • Define synthetic and natural materials.

Webquest Part Two:

  • Research 8 different products (names provided), each of which has a natural and synthetic version. List the source of the material, properties, and function of each version (synthetic or natural).

Webquest Part Three:

  • Research the advantages and disadvantages of 3 commonly used materials (examples provided) that have both synthetic and natural versions.


  • Utah SEEd 8.1.4
  • NGSS MS-PS1-3
  • Oklahoma OAS 7.PS1.3

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