Naming Elements Reading and Worksheet


Engaging article about how elements got their names!

Grades 7-10

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Students read an engaging article about how elements got their names and then complete a corresponding analysis worksheet. 

PRINT and DIGITAL versions included!

In this activity, students will:

  • READ a 2-page (1 front/back) article with interesting stories about how elements were named and the basic principles used to name them (locations, celestial bodies, famous scientists, etc.).
  • ANSWER text-dependent questions from the article and use clues such as location names and Greek words to figure out different element names.

This resource is NOT inclusive of all elements. This resource is designed to be an engaging introduction for students to understand how elements got their names.

Teacher Notes:

  • Includes an answer key and a printable periodic table.
  • Please note that this elements reading is not editable.
  • Supports NGSS MS-PS1-1 and MS-PS1-8.
  • Makes a great sub plan!
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