Human Reproductive System Activity


Teach human reproduction without the awkward part!

Grades 7 and Up

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Students learn that the function of the reproductive system is to make cells that combine to make an offspring.  Learn how an EGG made by the ovary combines with a SPERM from the testes to create a ZYGOTE in the process of FERTILIZATION.

In this activity, students will:

  • READ information about eggs, sperm, and that their chromosomes (23 each) combine in fertilization to make a zygote (46 chromosomes).
  • MAKE A ZYGOTE in pairs. Students are provided with an egg and a sperm. They cut out the chromosomes in each and match homologous chromosomes using a provided key.
  • DETERMINE THE ZYGOTE’S GENDER by finding out if the zygote is XX or XY. (Both X and Y sperm are included so there will be both boy and girl zygotes in a class.)
  • ANSWER FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS on a worksheet.

Please Note: There is NO mention of intercourse or sexual interaction in this resource. The resource discusses fertilization as a sperm joining an egg, minus the intercourse part. I feel comfortable recommending this resource to middle school teachers who want to cover the purpose of the reproductive system without getting into tricky territory.

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