Hormones Glands and the Endocrine System Activity


Get kids to think like a doctor!

Grades 7 and Up

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Students get a richer understanding of the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM of glands and hormones as they investigate patients’ medical issues. Engaging student-led independent work!

No prior knowledge is required! Students match patients’ symptoms to a hormone reference sheet. So, it’s really a matching activity that exposes them to information about what hormones do and what happens if their levels are off. Students do not need to know about specific hormones to complete this activity.

In this activity, students will:

  • READ doctor’s notes about 12 different patients. Students will learn a little bit of background information and current symptoms. Each of the patient’s issues is related to a hormone or a gland.
  • THINK CRITICALLY to answer 2-3 questions about each patient. Students use clues from the doctor’s notes about each patient as well as an included hormone reference sheet. Between these two sources, students will find the answers to questions on the worksheet.

Please note: While this activity challenges students to think critically, NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE about hormones is required. The enduring understanding of this activity is that hormones affect the body in different ways.


  • To use the PRINT version: Simply make a copy of the doctor’s notes and place them around the room as stations. Make a copy of the student worksheet for each student. Students travel from station to station gathering information and answering questions on the worksheet.
  • To use the DIGITAL version: Follow the included link to make a copy of the Google Slides version and assign it in Google Classroom.

This download includes:

  • Teacher notes
  • 12 “Doctor’s Notes”
  • Student worksheet
  • Hormone reference grid
  • Answer key
  • Link to a Google Slides version of the activity

Teacher Notes:


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