Genetics and Heredity Sex Linked Traits Worksheet


Students practice Punnett squares for sex-kinked traits and learn more about specific disorders.

Grades 7 and Up

This genetics worksheet includes more than the typical colorblindness Punnett square examples! Students learn about many different sex-linked traits. 

Includes PRINT and GOOGLE options!

Part One: Students are given a real-life-type example of parents seeking answers about the possibilities of their son being colorblind. Students will read the information about the family, complete Punnett squares, and answer questions.

Part Two: Students are given quick blurbs about different family situations, each of which introduces them to a new sex-linked trait (ichthyosis, XLA, ALD, and more). Students use information in the text to answer each question while gaining a bit more knowledge about different sex-linked traits.

This worksheet does not teach sex-linked traits, rather it is practice for a previously taught subject.

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