Forms of Energy Worksheet


Includes both print and Google Slides options to assign.

Grades 6 and Up

Use this forms of energy worksheet before you teach the law of conservation of energy! Students will practice identifying the main form of energy in 24 diagrams of things like an oven, a spring, an x-ray machine, etc. They will also extend their thinking as they read short passages about the sun and the human body to identify forms of energy in each.

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Forms of Energy Included:

  1. Electrical
  2. Chemical
  3. Thermal
  4. Elastic
  5. Gravitational
  6. Radiant
  7. Nuclear
  8. Sound
  9. Mechanical

Teacher Notes:

  • This worksheet does not teach the forms of energy – it reviews them.
  • This resource is not editable.
  • An answer key is included.
  • A link to the Google Slides version is provided in the downloadable PDF.
  • We have lots of related resources in the ENERGY SECTION OF OUR STORE.


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