Physical and Chemical Changes to Matter ACTIVITY BUNDLE



Grades 7 and Up


Add FUN and ENGAGEMENT to a physical changes and chemical reactions unit with these fun activities. Includes a claims and evidence activity, a lab with very simple supplies, a review game-type activity, and more. Plus 2 free bonus activities!

Included Products:

  • Physical & Chemical Properties Reading
  • Claims & Evidence Activity
  • Changes to Pennies Lab (Simple supplies!)
  • 60 Review Question Cards
  • 3 Review Worksheets
  • Sorting Activity (FREE BONUS)
  • Poster Project (FREE BONUS)

Resource Descriptions:

Physical & Chemical Properties ArticleGreat as an introduction to chemical and physical changes! Students read an article about physical and chemical properties of matter and answer text-dependent questions. Includes the following properties: color, odor, luster, magnetism, mass, volume, density, boiling/melting points, malleability, flammability, reactivity, toxicity, combustibility, and ability to corrode.

Claims & Evidence ActivityStudents read 4 short and engaging informational text passages about changes to matter, then complete a CER for each section using evidence from the text for each one. The CERs focus on evidence of a physical versus a chemical change. There are also a few follow-up questions for each section. Changes to matter covered include glow sticks, popcorn, bioluminescence in animals, and cold packs.

Changes to Pennies Lab (Simple supplies!)FUN LAB – USES EASY SUPERMARKET SUPPLES! Students investigate changes to pennies in 4 different substances. The lab paper provides clear, step-by-step instructions and thorough analysis. The analysis portion focuses on the physical and chemical changes observed during the lab, including a quick Claims-Evidence-Reasoning section.

60 Review Question CardsReview physical and chemical changes to matter with these 60 cards of review questions! Review physical and chemical changes, reactants vs. products, and the law of conservation of matter (AKA law of conservation of mass). Pairs of students ask each other the questions on the cards to prepare for a test, or as a general review. Questions cover the topics:

  • distinguishing between physical vs. chemical changes
  • examples of physical and chemical changes
  • law of conservation of mass
  • basic understanding of reactants vs. products

This resource is very straightforward versus “frilly”. The cards are not decorative. They are black and white, so you do not need a color printer.

3 Helpful Worksheets: Use for homework, reinforcement, or test preparation. Two worksheets cover chemical equations (products vs. reactants) and has students classify over 60 examples of chemical or physical changes.

Sorting Activity (FREE BONUS)In this activity, students are given 38 examples to cut out and must decide if they represent a physical change or a chemical reaction. When they have classified all the examples, they glue them into their notebooks.

Poster Project (FREE BONUS)Kids use REAL LIFE examples of physical changes and chemical reactions to decorate a poster. This document includes teacher notes, a student directions handout, and a grading guide.

Teacher Notes:

  • Answer keys included.
  • Please note: these PDF resources are not editable.


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