Periodic Table Activity Bundle


Add ENGAGMENT to your periodic table unit!

Grades 7 and Up


Bundle and save with our most popular periodic table of the elements activities!

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Included Products:

  • Structure of Atoms Foldable (FREE BONUS)
  • Inquiry-Based Introductory Investigation
  • How Were Elements Named? Activity
  • Periodic Table Practice
  • Families of the Periodic Table Worksheet
  • “Mystery Elements” Reading & Analysis
  • Discovery of Elements TIMELINE PROJECT

Product Descriptions:

Structure of Atoms Foldable: (FREE BONUS) This is a simple interactive notebook activity to reinforce what kids have learned about the structure of an atom, including the location and charges of protons, neutrons, and electrons, the number of electrons in each energy level, and how to find the number of protons and electrons.

Inquiry-Based Introductory Investigation OR ReviewTWO VERSIONS! Use as an inquiry-based introduction to the Periodic Table OR a review activity of how to read the Periodic Table. Students are given 10 cards with atom drawings on them and must identify similarities and differences between the atoms. They are given 10 boxes from the periodic table that match each of the 10 atom drawings and must try to figure out which atom drawing matches with which periodic table box. Both versions (introduction or review) include several analysis questions and a Claims-Evidence-Reasoning grid.

How Were Elements Named? ActivityFUN AND ENGAGING! In this activity, students will:

  • READ a 2-page (1 front/back) article with interesting stories about how elements were named and the basic principles used to name them (locations, celestial bodies, famous scientists, etc.).
  • ANSWER text-dependent questions from the article and use clues such as location names and Greek words to figure out different element names.

Periodic Table PracticeThis is a print-and-go worksheet designed to help familiarize students with using the Periodic Table and get them finding information a little bit quicker. They practice finding the following information about SEVERAL different elements each: atomic number, atomic mass, symbol, name, number of protons, and number of neutrons.

Families of the Periodic Table WorksheetThis activity has 2 parts:

  • PART ONE: Students complete a grid with information such as group number, elements in the group, examples of this group in “the real world”, etc. They color-code each family using colored pencils.
  • PART TWO: Students fill in a blank Periodic Table with element symbols, row numbers, and group numbers. The table is color-coded with the same family colors as students used the first part to show related elements.

“Mystery Elements” Reading & AnalysisIn this activity, students will:

  • READ about 10 elements and their interesting uses.
  • IDENTIFY each included element from clues within the text.
  • ANSWER analysis questions using information in the text and by pulling additional information from a periodic table.

Discovery of Elements TIMELINE PROJECTEASY PERIODIC TABLE PROJECT! JUST PRINT, CUT, ASSEMBLE! Everything you need is included for students to create a Discovery of Elements timeline or bulletin board. Two versions are provided. Here’s the process for students:

  • Tape or glue together the provided timeline templates (5 – 8.5″x11″ sheets)
  • Color code the 25 element boxes according to metal, nonmetal, or metalloid
  • Attach element boxes to the timeline
  • Enter the dates
  • Add pictures (provided) to each of the entries

This bundle also includes a Printable Periodic Table. This is a crisp, clean, and easy-to-read printable version. The atomic masses have been rounded off to make it a little easier for a diverse group of students to use.

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