Evidence of Evolution QUIZ


Covers vestigial structures, embryonic development, molecular evidence, homologous structures, and fossil evidence.

Grades 7-10

Evidence of Evolution Quiz Topics Covered:

  • Homologous structures
  • Vestigial structures
  • Embryonic development
  • Molecular evidence
  • Fossil evidence

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This is a quick but effective 10-question quiz. For questions 1-6, students are given examples that fall into each of these categories and identify what category that piece of evidence falls into. For instance, students would have to know that “examples of this are the human tailbone and appendix” would fit into the “vestigial structures” category. There are then 4 multiple-choice questions that mimic the way standardized tests ask about this subject.

NGSS Standards: MS-LS4-2 MS-LS4-3, HS-LS4-1

2 Versions Provided – Two very similar versions of the quiz are provided. Wandering eyes will see a quiz that looks like their own, but has different correct answers.

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