Black Scientists WEBQUESTS


Includes 3 webquests to introduce students to important Black scientists!

Grades 7 and Up


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Students discover the wide-ranging contributions of African Americans to the world of science and STEM – great addition for Black History Month, a Scientific Method unit, or any time!

WebQuest 1: Students are given several websites to use to do guided research about 6 scientists of their choosing (there are TONS to choose from). Then, students write about how these scientists overcame adversity and prejudice. No answer key is provided for this option because the number of possible scientists for students to research is too numerous. (1 page front/back)

WebQuest 2: Students visit a provided website to answer specific questions about 6 important African American scientists. Answer key provided. (1 page front/back)

WebQuest 3: Students visit provided websites to learn about African American inventors who specialized in scientific fields. This webquest is best used for a group with a reasonably good ability to pull information from online text and to perform independent internet research. (3 pages)

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